About us

Dirty Dub Junkies

We're a fledgling company aiming to provide decent quality merchandise for the discerning Dub lover. We aim to search out stuff that will compliment your lifestyle, be it clothing, camping accessories, Van/car/buggy accessories.

We're aiming to get to the point of attending as many shows as we can, meeting customers face to face and getting personal feedback is one of the things we're looking forward to.

Dan and Dave are Lifelong Dub enthusiasts who care about people getting value for money and a good choice of nick knacks, clothing and other Dub associated merchandise.

Dan - a former carpenter and now engineer has is roots in T4's but his geekery and addiction has led him to own beetles, T3 and various other models. The Frankenstein engine in his T4 is a beaut to behold and is almost as legendary as his sullen demeanour. Don't let that detract from his good image though. It's all a deceptive facade. He's a down to earth, dyed in the wool dub loving lunatic who's a family man at heart and the whole crowd share in his enthusiasm and can often be found running around him at shows.

Dave - an electrician, part time writer and full time plonker, met Dan through his appreciation of T4's and has always had a healthy appreciation fo the VW marque and has owned several t4's, scirocco, golf, caddy and has an interesting project T3 doka. Painfully cheerful and annoyingly wordy, Dave is as gregarious as Dan is reserved which serves to compliment the duo well.